Let's indulge the healthy

To make it extra special, discover your new Sweet Box from Candylicious x Co Chocolat.

✨ Traditional Mayan Hot Choco made from a special recipe from the Mayans with cacao cashew and chilli!

✨ Ground Cacao made of 100% Cacao ground packed with nutritional value and many health benefits, this super superfood was consciously chosen to bring you the best healthy and chocolaty taste to you and your family

✨Molinillo a traditional wooden mixer for optimal whisking ideal for making the most delicious, authentic cacao chocolate drink. Just whisk and enjoy!

✨ Gianduja made of 35% Cashew, 37% cacao, a bit of olive oil, milk with a bit of spice to make this healthy dark chocolate cashew spread nicer and healthier

✨ Brownie whisk with 65% real dark chocolate made with two ingredients only; real cacao combined with cane sugar in a tablet form to enjoy the real hot chocolate taste, dairy-free #fewisbetter

✨ Batirol a traditional Latin American pot used to heat your favorite chocolate drink, carefully crafted with a hotel-quality standard perfectly paired with a wooden molinillox

Classic Box Subscription

3 months

AED 249 /Month

VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE

6 months

AED 299/Month

VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE

12 months

AED 199/Month

VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE

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