Nostalgia treats Sweet Box

We are throwing it back with treats that have been loved for generations, and are still going strong! ​

✨ Tootsie Roll Bar for a delicious combination of chocolatey and chewy that will bring back your sweet childhood memories

✨Sugar Daddy Pop, the perfect go-anywhere treat to accompany you down memory lane

✨Razzles for that smooth candy to gum transition since 1966

✨Airheads Strawberry & Watermelon for that stripey, tasty, tangy taffy treat

✨Nerds Rainbow theater box because each nerd has its sweet, tangy, crunchy hallmark

✨ Mike & Ike 10 flavors theater box for a megamix of ten flavors to share with your childhood friends

✨ Jelly Belly 20 jelly bean mix to recreate the taste of some of your favorite desserts and drinks

✨Pop Rocks strawberry to taste the explosion inside your mouth

✨M&M milk chocolate pouch for the classic and worldwide loved treat

✨Skittles pouch for a perfect chewy treat to share with your loved ones

✨Pez fruit mix for a sweet and sour hint of fruity flavors

Tasting Box Subscription

3 months

AED 199 /Month

VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE

6 months

AED 179 /Month

VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE

12 months

AED 149 /Month

VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE

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