Sweet Box

It's a fruity summer fiesta

It's time to celebrate your summer fiesta with exclusive super fruity treats. Discover now!

✨Chocmod Original Truffles, to celebrate gourmet food and French passion for delicious Truffes au chocolat.
✨Co Chocolat In The Mood Chocolate bar, made in the UAE for truly healthy chocolate treats.
✨Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar, all the way from USA that’s been a classic for decades
✨Irish Butlers Mix Berry White Chocolate bar, for a blend of high-quality ingredients and a luscious treat for whatever the occasion.
✨King Monty Classic Cacao Chocolate bar for the best combination of Belgian know-how with creamy rice milk.

✨Italian Messori Caramel & Hazelnut Chocolate cones filled with rich hazelnut cream and lined with dark chocolate chips and puffed rice
✨Cute and unusual umbrella-shaped chocolates, Spanish delights Simon Coll Chocolate Umbrella are ideal for your party bag
✨Droste Pastilles Caramel Seasalt Chocolate bar all the way from the Netherlands. An affordable luxury for those days you fancy treating yourself.
✨Hands Off My Chocolate Birthday Cake Strawberry & Meringue White with Milk Chocolate bar, Belgian quality milk, and white chocolate with heavenly sweet strawberry and meringue flavor!

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1 Month Trial Classic

AED 279 /Month

VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE

1 Month Trial Tasting

AED 229 /Month
VAT inclusive
FREE delivery across UAE